What is digital signage?

Digital notices, advertisements, banners, animations and information boards

Digital signage is the provision of advertising and product information to your existing, as well as potential customers, in an innovative way that replaces the existing communication in the form of paper posters. Thanks to Digital Signage technologies you can attract customer attention and direct their attention to your product. You can change the content as often as you need to, adapting it to different types of customer or current promotions. With the right content, you’ll get more traffic and daily sales revenue for your products and save production costs on new campaigns.
As an owner of an establishment, you really have a tough competition in attracting and directing customers to your establishment these days. Most new potential customers will just walk past your window display with their attention focused on their mobile phone and not notice your paper poster or meticulously arranged window display. Why is that? Because no extraordinary impulse was sent to his peripheral perception that would distract his attention from his current activity and force him to focus his attention on your TOP product or service. The right Digital Signage technology and engaging dynamic content can guide customer behaviour to your advantage.
The best locations for Digital Signage systems are places where you need to capture customers’ attention, showcase new services, provide value-added information, showcase luxury products and arouse customers’ desires to own them. Based on specific requirements, applications can be touchscreen or visual only. The scope is very broad, including store locator, tourist information, registration, branding and advertising, trade show displays, customer loyalty programs, catalogs, interactive games and classes, and much more.

The main tasks and objectives of Digital Signage as a technology

Engage the customer

You can change the content as often as you need, to adapt it to different types of customer or current promotions

Informative character

inform the customer about sales, events, emergency information, news, searches

Visually promote

Visually show customers even the most expensive product or service without fear of spoilage or theft

Encourage interaction

Strong potential to build your brand and attract customer attention and direct their attention to the product, service

Digital Signage, resp. Digital advertising is a new way to reach your existing and potential customers. The wall or shop window of your establishment, the corridor in your shopping centre or the waiting room in front of your doctor’s surgery can become a powerful communication tool between you and your customers. It is one of the few effective tools to force attention at or in close proximity to a traffic location.
In addition to building your brand (attractiveness, visibility, security, reliability), you also need the ability to work remotely with your presentation content and edit it whenever you need to. With Digital Signage, you can present much more information in one place than if you hung a paper poster. You can show even the most expensive product to your customers and you won’t have to worry about it being stolen or degraded.

With Digital Signage you can do much more...

News we are preparing ...

The transparent rib system is the solution for large and small projects, shops or showrooms. It’s a spectacular large-scale solution that creates a spectacular interior experience while maintaining the integrity of the space. Space is not divided. The screen is part of the space and complements it. The screen can be of any size in half-metre or metre screens. The transparent SMD micro system screen can be suspended from the ceiling, on a structure, on a stand or in a shop window. It is an indoor solution with a resolution of P3.9×7.8 and luminance up to 5000cd/m2. The density of dots per 1m2 is over 30 000 thousand.
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