Always do business with the latest technology

Fund your DIGITAL SIGNAGE technology purchase and keep up with technology.

Are you a sole trader or a trading company?

Do you want to always have the latest technology at your disposal and make the most of it, together with additional assistance services and perfect insurance? Classic or finance lease? What type of financing is best for you?

GRENKE is a German leasing company based in Baden-Baden, Germany, with over 37 years of history in IT, SW, office equipment and other technology leasing. During this time, GRENKE has grown into a whole group of companies offering leasing, banking and factoring services on the European market.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to finance equipment and maintain your liquidity or a trader who values convenient processing and fast cash flow, it’s easy to expand your financial horizons with GRENKE. Especially when we provide financing
from an initial value of 500 euros
excluding VAT.

It’s amazing what you can “lease”: kiosks, Digital LCD, touch self-service kiosks, IT software solutions, digital signage solutions management, IT servers, IT infrastructure, POS and payment systems for retail, for your new office

or your second branch or shop. You can finance all this and much more with us and GRENKE.

Why should you choose to work with us out of all the available options? It doesn’t matter if your business is a healthcare facility or an SME – we’re here for you. Our advice is professional and open, the terms are interesting even for small volumes and the processing is simple and fast.

Small lease payments instead of big investments

Enjoy the freedom and do the right thing immediately. For Classic leases, simply select your preferred base lease term without having to choose a termination method and you're ready to go. What do you get out of it? The certainty you need for planning, small lease payments and the freedom to choose how to end the lease later

Flexible repayment

The length of the basic lease period from 6 to 60 months. The choice is yours.

Easy planning

Fixed monthly lease payments – affordable and easy to schedule.

Personal and bespoke

Tailor-made leasing with our personal consultancy services.

Current technology

Thanks to the high flexibility, you can always replace old equipment with new equipment on time.


Classic leasing is the most common choice of entrepreneurs in Slovakia.

It’s important for your business to have the certainty you need to make plans, but also the flexibility. The same should apply to funding. With a Classic lease, you use the equipment for the agreed lease period, but without the obligation to buy it back at the end of the lease.

We transfer to you all rights under the warranties (dealer and manufacturer warranties). This means that if there are errors or a claim needs to be made, you don’t have to waste your time going through us. Instead, you can go directly to the dealer or manufacturer.

After signing a leasing contract with GRENKE and your confirmed acceptance of the leased items, suppliers are usually pleasantly surprised to find that the purchase price is paid within 48 hours. It’s just fast.

At the end of the basic lease term, you can decide whether to terminate the contract and return the equipment or buy it back at the current market value. Alternatively, you can extend your contract and continue to use proven technology.


– already from the purchase price of 500 € without VAT
0% down payment as standard (covers the cost of investments up to 100% from external sources)
– variable duration: 15, 24, 36, 48 or 60 months
– application assessment within a few hours
– for purchases up to €7,500 without submitting accounting statements
– inclusion of the instalment in the full cost (it has a positive effect on the company’s cash flow and simplifies tax and accounting procedures)
– your equipment is already earning enough during the repayment period to cover its purchase price
– including prefinancing of related goods and services
fixed payments throughout the lease period, regardless of future developments on the financial markets (simplifies planning)


– duration: 15, 24, 36, 48 to 60 months
– minimum purchase price from 500 € excluding VAT
– inclusion of the instalment in the full cost
– purchase price: residual market value, maximum 15% of the OC
– instalments in this type of financing are charged directly to operating costs, the financed items do not have to be included in the assets and depreciated (simplifies tax procedures)

Designed for entrepreneurs who are aware of the rapid moral obsolescence of technology today and have a need to invest in the latest technology at regular intervals in order to stay ahead of the competition. At the same time, they don’t want to have to worry about recycling, storing or trading in used equipment. Even if the customer originally intended to return the leased item at the end of the lease term, the customer may choose to buy it back at the end of the lease term.



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