Double-sided totem interior, exterior

high-resolution display. Ideal for shopping malls, lobbies, parking lots, parks, rest areas, urban areas, gas stations


One-sided totem interior, exterior

high-resolution display. Ideal for shopping malls, stores, lobbies, circulation areas, hotels, reception areas, restaurants, shops and services


Wall display interior, exterior

for use in business or shopping centres at reception, lobbies and information centres, also in hotels, schools or even petrol stations or offices.


Matrix SMD LED Large Screen

for flexible use. Possibility to change the dimension. Outdoor and indoor use in sports grounds but also in halls, concerts, events. Extremely lightweight.


Interactive interior kiosk

for use in commercial and administrative premises. Touch screen display suitable as info map, register, list, search and play video or photo products.


Stand info board interior

is an easily portable indoor advertising and information surface for restaurants, reception or lecture halls, training centres, schools, libraries, cafes and cafeterias.

Scheduled views

Ability to schedule what poster or presentation will be shown at a given time.

Quality display

High-quality branded screen in FullHD resolution. Plays in full resolution picture or even 4K video


High imaging contrast. Choice of interior and exterior designs.

Diagonal size

We offer different diagonal sizes. Sizes from 42″ to a whopping 84″

Attractive customised design

Choice of outer body in combination with metal, plastic and glass. We can produce a design in the colour of your brand and your requirements.

Portrait or Landscape

Rotation of the image in the vertical or horizontal viewing position is optional.


Technical configuration for your purpose and your needs. You can fine-tune hardware and peripherals to meet your requirements.

Content Management

Content can be managed from one place, centrally and without complications and third parties or subcontractors.

Simple concept

Simple and configurable concept with the possibility to add peripherals such as camera, card reader, touch screen.

Internet connection

Connectivity options for content management via LAN, WiFi, 3G.

3 simple steps to create your digital idea

We will provide you with the facility to view your content, provide you with service and management over your content. We’ll help you create content. We will help you fulfil the purpose of your advertising/information space.

Step 1 is to create content

Creating content means having an idea of what my product is. What is my target audience. What type of graphics or video I want to use. Shall we use animation? or just static information. Creating good content is the key to success, we can help you with that.

2. Step 2 is to create playlists

This is the step where you create the groups of content and sequences you wish to display. You assign them the exact time and date when they should be displayed and on which panels. Then you just drop in the magic box and enjoy.

3. Manage your devices

Facilities management is monitoring and checking that everything is running as it should. Is the part most fun. You control the number of displays, current displays, add additional displays, remove and change screens, content and intent, all remotely.

Want to know and see a demo of graphics and animations for digital signage?

We offer you digital solutions that are flexible, engaging and easy to use. See some demonstration animations of what they can do. They are solutions for restaurants, sell electronics and sporting goods, cosmetics or clothing. Definitely applicable to sell mobile devices and watches, real estate agents and travel agents. The possibilities are almost limitless. Recommended FullHD 1080p display in “Landscape” screen width.